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Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: October 16th, 2023

Effective Date: October 16th, 2023

At Funding Dynasty, we attach utmost importance to preserving your privacy. This Privacy Policy is designed to elucidate the collection, utilization, disclosure, and safeguarding of your personal information. By using the Site, you agree to adhere to the data practices outlined in this Statement, including any future revisions or amendments. Funding Dynasty is dedicated to assisting individuals with disabilities in achieving effective communication. If you need such assistance, please reach out to us at our email address:

  • Collection of your Personal Information
  • Use of your Personal Information
  • Sharing of your Personal Information
  • Tracking User Behavior
  • Automatically Collected Information
  • Use of Cookies
  • Third-Party Links
  • Security and Retention of Your Personal Information
  • Your Choices
  • Changes to this Notice
  • Contact Information

Acquisition of Your Personal Information

We employ various channels to amass information about you, contingent upon your interactions with us and our array of services:

Directly Sourced from You: When you embark on creating an account, subscribing to communications, initiating a challenge, or establishing contact with us, we amass particulars such as your nomenclature, financial particulars, and contact intelligence.

Automated Data Accumulation: Through the utilization of cookies, server records, and analogous mechanisms, we gather information as you engage with our web platform, promotional materials, advertisements, and electronic correspondences.

Sourced from External Sources: We may receive data from our associates, corporate partners, service providers, online social media networks, and publicly accessible repositories. For instance, during the job application procedure, we may conduct a comprehensive background examination.

To efficaciously provide our products and services, we may procure personally identifiable information, encompassing but not circumscribed to:

Registration of an Account:

Identification, financial insights, and contact specifics.

Biometric Identifiers:

Biometric data, such as iris scans, retina scans, fingerprint data, facial features, handprints, palm patterns, vein structures, voice recordings, keystroke rhythms, gait patterns, and sleep, health, or exercise data that may unveil identifying information.

Client Particulars:

Names and contact data of both clients and their personnel.

Cookie Usage and Monitoring:

Data harnessed via cookies and transparent GIFs.

Demographic Intellection:

Information encompassing your birthdate, racial lineage, or location.

Email Interaction Connectivity:

Information pertinent to your engagement with our email communications.

Professional Engagement:

Information essential for job applications or employee records, including personal identification number.


Feedback and Assistance:

Nomenclature and email address for feedback submissions or support queries.

Mobile Device Credentials:

Exceptional identifiers beamed from mobile gadgets.

Placement of Orders:

Mailing particulars, email addresses, contact numbers, and payment specifics for transaction completion.

Promotional Collaboration:

Data dispensed in cooperative promotions with partners.

Public Health and Well-being:

Handling medical and health data during particular public health crises while following European health data regulations.


Information tendered when participating in surveys.

Competition Entries:

Data essential for entering sweepstakes or contests.

Web Interaction Actions:

Data concerning your interactions with our website.

Web Records:

Data inclusive of browser kind, Internet Protocol (IP) address, domain denomination, click activity, referral website, and date/time stamps for visitors.

We amalgamate and convey this data to third parties when it contributes to the establishment of user accounts, augments user experience, ensures product dependability, security, or performance, or is an essential prerequisite for the execution of a contract.

Utilization of Your Personal Information

We amass and employ your personal information for a myriad of objectives, including but not confined to:

  • Operational Delivery and Dispensation of Requested Products or Services.
  • Notifying you about our own products or services and those of our associates.
  • Validating your identity when you frequent our website or avail our services.
  • Enhancing our product and service array.
  • Executing analytical assessments.
  • Engaging and interacting with you, including responding to your requests, inquiries, feedback, or concerns.
  • Discerning and forestalling fraudulent, duplicitous, or illicit activities.
  • Detecting and rectifying errors impacting the intended functionality of our website and services.
  • Abiding by legal or regulatory obligations and safeguarding against legal claims.
  • Internal administrative objectives and relationship administration.
  • Other objectives to which you might sporadically consent.

By making use of our services, you overtly consent to the dissemination of your data with other proprietary simulated trading enterprises or third parties, intended to expose malevolent, deceitful, malicious, or criminal actions or contraventions of our Terms or this Agreement.

Our Position as a Data Administrator

In our role as a data controller, we bear responsibility for determining how your personal information is managed and the purposes thereof. In the event you have queries or requests pertaining to your data, please establish communication with us at

Alterations to Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be modified to reflect changes in our methodologies or as necessitated by legal, operational, or regulatory prerequisites. We will display the revised Privacy Policy on our website and update the “Last revised” date. Please periodically scrutinize this policy to remain well-informed of our data practices.

How Is Your Personal Information Obtained?

We amass your personal data through diverse methodologies, encompassing:

  • Direct interactions when you provide data to us.
  • Automated technologies, encompassing cookies and tracking.
  • From alternative origins, such as associates, collaborators, and publicly accessible information.

What Do We Collect and How Do We Safeguard It?

We gather a multitude of personal data, encompassing account specifics, biometric characteristics, client information, demographic particulars, and more. This information is stored securely and employed for lawful objectives, such as account management and fraud deterrence.

Third-Party Engagement

We may share your data with third parties when indispensable for service delivery, analytics, or conformity with legal requisites. We assure that these third parties adhere to data protection statutes and principles.

In What Manner and for What Aim May We Employ Information Pertaining to You?

We employ your information for a plethora of determinations, encompassing service supply, communication, analysis, security, and adhering to legal obligations. Your data may also be used for marketing endeavors, contingent on your consent as required.

Third-Party Marketing

We may employ third-party tracking mechanisms to furnish behavior-driven advertising and scrutinize user interactions with our website, thereby personalizing advertisements in accordance with your interests.

In-House Marketing

We may keep you apprised of our products or services and those of our associates. You can decline marketing communications at your discretion.

Exercising Your Opt-Out Rights

You possess the prerogative to opt out of distinct data processing exercises, such as marketing communications. You can execute these rights by getting in touch with us.


To ensure efficient website operation, we utilize cookies. You can manage cookie preferences via your browser settings.

Your Entitlements Concerning Personal Data

You retain rights concerning your personal data, encompassing access, rectification, erasure, and constraint. Please contact us to wield these rights.


We implement industry-accepted security protocols to shield your personal information from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.

Contact Information

For inquiries or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy or to exercise your rights, please establish contact through

Recognition of Privacy Policy

By employing our services, you acknowledge that you have perused, comprehended, and concurred with the terms delineated in this Privacy Policy.